Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Launch Goes West

The plan was ambitious--probably too ambitious in retrospect, but then again, so was the idea for the book. And so, when the concept of taking the show on the road came up, we figured we might as well go all out. Hence the Chicago, to San Fran to LA route in four days. Ambitious, but doable.

We didn't take into consideration the concept of weather. Which is why the fog that enveloped Philadelphia on November 10, the day of the Chicago launch threw us for a loop, and not the one that goes around the windy city. My first flight was canceled--the same one that Sabina was on. She went home. I rebooked on another airline. My second flight had mechanical difficulties. I returned to the original airline and got on the third flight stand by which is why the only thing I saw in Chicago was the book propped up on the check in desk when I arrived, an hour too late for the event.

I hear it went well. I hear everyone had a wonderful time. And we both wish we had been there.

To be continued.....

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