Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last Stop--LA!

By the time I got to LA, I had the plane thing down to a science. And so did the airline. Perfectly on time, I flew right into LA in plenty of time on Sunday for the afternoon launch. My hotel room was ready; I spent some time with my sister and brother in law, and off we went to downtown Santa Monica for a great afternoon event. That's me above with Chefs Roberta Dean and Geraldine Gilliland.

Chef Nick Shipp at Upper West was our host and he was so excited!

And what an event it was! About 75 people and at least that many dogs--well maybe not but it seemed that way, with Lexus after Lexus pulling up to the valet parking and lots of dogs and people unloading. What a great time. We almost sold out of books!!!

All four LA chefs were there and what a spread they put out! We all signed books for everyone who was there and it was a wonderful afternoon.

What can I say, third time's a charm!

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