Friday, November 18, 2011

The Launch Continues

Next day, bright and early, I made it to the Chicago airport and got right on my flight for San Francisco, which as it turns out, was slightly delayed landing, by what else, fog.

However, I got there and had plenty of time to get to Omnivore Books, which is where the launch was held. It turns out that the owner of Omnivore also owns the Noe Pet Supply Store around the corner, so we had the party there, which turned out to be great.

It was pouring, but people came. Dogs came. Chef Tanya made amazing nibbles--people and pet friendly and Chef Amaryll Schwertner sent over boulettes (read the book, you'll know what they are!) for the pups.

It was pouring but the turnout was great and everyone had a wonderful time.

Sabina's flight however, was delayed--it was raining--and she got there an hour too late. Don't I know how that feels.

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