Monday, September 5, 2011

When the Dog Eats More Than Your Homework

Back to School is upon us and so are those new school supplies. According to PET MD, fruit scented pencils and erasers may be especially appealing to your curious pooch, so be sure to keep those supplies off the floor and out of their mouths.

Here is the website's list of those supplies most likely to cause problems if your pup swallows (or tries to swallow)them:

10. paperclips
9. pens--watch out for any loose caps
8. pencils--just the right size to get lodged in the mouth or windpipe
7. markers
6. crayons--some smell good enough to eat!
5. balls--those small bouncy ones can easily get lodged
4. action figures/small dolls--and those accessories like shoes, doll clothing, miniature tools/weapons
3. coins
2. glue sticks/bottled glue
1. erasers

No mention of the actual homework, but we all know how that goes. Only the most important papers get drooled on.

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