Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pet Food Settlement

About 20,000 people, who lost pets due to tainted dog food back in 2007, are finally receiving their food settlement checks, according to a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The largest wave of animal litigation ever in the American legal system was aimed at Menu Foods, Inc. a Canadian manufacturer of about 100 of the tainted products.

Locally, Cheryl Cutler of Voorhees, New Jersey, received a check for $2,400 which she says not only cannot come close to making up for the loss of her beloved pet, Zeus, but is also no where near the amount of money (estimated $7,500) she and her husband spent on Zeus' medical care.

According to Sherrie Savett, a lawyer representing some of the many plaintiffs in more than 100 lawsuits filed agains Menu Foods Inc, claimants generally got more than fifty percent of their claimed losses. many who have received settlement checks have donated all or a portion of them to charities that benefit animals.

This pet food recall is one of the things that sparked the idea for our book since so many pet owners were resorting to cooking for their pets after the recall.

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