Friday, October 7, 2011

Lose the Needle!

Not that we wish it on anyone, but if your pet does happen to develop diabetes, there may be a new treatment protocol right on the horizon. Instead of injecting your pet with insulin--at regular intervals; i. e. the same time every day--an Australian biologist, Dr. Esra Ogru, is working on perfecting a patch that delivers sustained doses of insulin to pets.

Working in conjunction with Novartis Animal Health, Dr. Ogru is excited about the technology that allows a dose of insulin to be delivered in a constant dose over a period of time through the skin. The technology is already in use for delivering pain and arthritis mediation and Dr. Ogru feels that it is only a matter of time that insulin will be delivered in the same way.

"A lot of people feel uncomfortable about injecting their animal so being able to poivide a cat or dog with insulin in this non-invasive way will mean a lot of diabetic pets will get treated and enjoy better health," she said.

Keep your eyes open for this new technology should your pet ever need it.

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